Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions is given by FTDRCI Calgary and Final Touch Decorating are registered trade names under 1261070 Alberta Inc. FTDRCI Edmonton is a registered trade name of RCI Coatings Ltd. [THE “COMPANY”] to future Clients/General Contractors [THE “CUSTOMER”] for work that will be completed at the Customer’s premises [THE “PREMISES”].

Unless noted otherwise on Architectural Drawings, Specifications, or Quotes provided during Tender, please be advised that the following Terms & Conditions will be applied to the contract in conjunction with the Company Quote.

  • All additional (not stated in initial Price Quote and/or Contract) task requests from the Company must be approved by the Customer’s designated representative and be presented to the Company’s representative in written form, signed and dated, before the Company will start performing on those tasks and invoice on them.
  • Be advised that according to the latest MPI guidelies, the deep or bright colors and clear base coats could require an additional coat, and therefore be subject to a surcharge.
  • Surcharges may be applied for time when work is requested to be performed on Weekends, Evenings (after 6pm), or Statutory Holidays due to scheduling conflicts deviating from original schedule, caused by Force Majeure situations or delays of other trades.
  • Ensuring that all surfaces are in suitable conditions for painting is the responsibility of THE “CUSTOMER”. All substrates coated by FTDRCI prior to commencing work will be verified by FTDRCI.
  • FTDRCI will make good all damages caused by other trades (D.B.O) to painting work, complete or in progress, however it is the financial responsibility of THE “CUSTOMER” to ensure that adequate financial compensation is paid.
  • A direct on-site instruction “Time and Material Sheet” will be available at all times with our Foremen. A signature of the on-site superintendent is mandatory. If approval is needed from a Project Manager, the site superintendent must forward sale orders to the appropriate authority. No work will commence unless this information has been approved in writing by both parties.
  • Unless otherwise noted, if the specifications fail to mention a recommended material to be used on the appropriate substrate, it will be the choice of FTDRCI to use the material that they generated during the quote or tender, as long as the product still follows VOC, LEED if applicable, and/or MPI minimum standards.
  • FTDRCI has the right to refuse to complete work of the substrate if the environmental climate, humidity, and/or temperature is not suitable for application. A written consent must be submitted if THE “CUSTOMER” would like us to proceed prior to our recommendations. The warranty will be null and void for the substrate in question.
  • Due to fluctuation in exchange rate (CAN currency vs US currency), we advise you that our american vendors that have been designated in the contract documents can not always guarantee their prices and the prices are subject to change at any point.

Last Revised

On July 16th, 2020

Previous Revisions

August 5th, 2015

June 10th, 2015


MP – Masters Painters Institute

APCA – Alberta Painter’s Contractor Association

DBO – Damage By Others

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds

LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

FTDRCI – FTDRCI Calgary, Final Touch Decorating, are registered trade names of 1261070 Alberta Inc.

FTDRCI Edmonton is a registered trade name of RCI Coatings Ltd.